For over 29 years, Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd, have been helping good people go great places. Since the establishment of our first office in Armidale in 1989, Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd has grown and expanded significantly throughout the New England and North West regions.

Our brand is synonymous with a well-regarded, high performing local organisation which supports the community and businesses. Collectively, Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd has demonstrated significant experience in the provision of professional `hands on and localised’ employment related solutions, including a focused approach to assist jobseekers into sustainable employment, as well as meeting the workforce development requirements of employers.

Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd encompass a range of programs including: jobactive; New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP); Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP); Fee-for-service Human Resources, Recruitment and Labour Hire solutions (speediestaffsolutions); Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer (AEDO); and we deliver accredited training through our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) – Altitude Training Solutions.


jobactive is part of the Australian Government’s employment services system.

Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd are a jobactive provider operating within the New England and North West regions of New South Wales with eleven offices currently based locally and plans to expand. Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd have staff available to assist you in your region. Staff work with local business and organisations and our fee-free effective recruitment service matches skilled jobseekers to suitable positions.

As a jobseeker we offer mentoring and support to help you put your best self into a position and meet your employment goals. Jobseekers meet with jobactive consultants in a supportive environment to discuss requirements necessary to meet your employment goals. We have a range of services which can assist you back into employment.

These services include the following:

  • Providing information regarding current positions
  • Job search assistance
  • Training courses
  • Application process and paper work assistance
  • Interview skills and training
  • Post Placement Support

If you have questions regarding the type of assistance you may be entitled to, please contact your local office to find out more Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd on 1800 562 728 to be connected to your nearest Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd branch.

Disability Employment Services (DES)

DES is part of the Australian Government’s employment services system.

The DES program has been designed in order to give jobseekers who require additional assistance due to a disability or from facing complex barriers, tailored assistance in order to find and maintain suitable employment.

There are 2 services that fall under the program and these are Disability Management Service (DMS) and Employment Support Service (ESS). DMS provides short term assistance and is aimed at jobseekers who may have a mild disability, temporary injury or illness and will need minimal assistance once in the workplace. ESS is aimed to provide a more long term support system to the client and employer, jobseekers who have a permanent disability, illness or injury will generally be referred to this program.

Work Assist has been developed under the DES services to assist people with a disability who are having issues with their employment and need additional support remain in that employment with our intervention.

Eligible School Leavers (ESL) is another program under the DES service that is designed to support students with a disability in their last year of school to transition smoothly from school to work. Providing support and teaching them skills in the year prior to transitioning. Students with a disability also undertaking and ASBAT are eligible for this supported service.

Services provided to jobseekers:

  • Regular appointments with an Employment Consultant.
  • Assistance with job search and tailored job search.
  • Assistance obtaining skills and qualifications.
  • Post Placement Support once in employment for both the jobseeker and employer.
  • Assistance with getting modifications to a workplace or purchase of special tools or equipment if required.
  • Assistance in the workplace.      

Training Services

Altitude Training Solutions is the registered training division of Jobs Australia Enterprises and offers accredited and non-accredited training.

Courses currently provided include:

  • AHC20416 Certificate II in Horticulture

These courses can be delivered in the workplace or in the classroom. They are designed for people who require entry level skills for employment or others wishing to refresh their skills and knowledge.

If you are a jobseeker looking for work or an employer seeking training for new or existing staff, call Altitude Training Solutions to discuss how we can assist you on  02 6766 4611

RTO Code: 40823

Call the Training Coordinator, today on 02 6766 4611


Information about speediestaffsolutions for Employers:

speediestaffsolutions is a professional on hire service established in 2006 by Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd. speediestaffsolutions was established in response to a need in our local areas for professional and reliable labour hire. This service operates in New South Wales with offices located in Armidale, Guyra, Uralla, Walcha, Inverell, Tamworth, Gunnedah and Narrabri and the view of expanding into Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory.

speediestaffsolutions can tailor your staffing needs to suit the ebb and flow of your business. You can chose the number of staff needed to help you during the busy times of the year, or to help reduce the workload of your full-time employees. With On-Hire personnel you can try before you commit and can evaluate personnel over a period of time to ensure that you have made the right choice; they remain an employee of speediestaffsolutions.

How can your business benefit using speediestaffsolutions:

When you need staff in a hurry SSS is your answer for On-Hire staff. We will screen and interview all staff to ensure that your organisation is provided with a number of suitably qualified candidates to choose from for your position, or allow us to make the decision for you.

We currently have a register of candidates available for casual assignments in the fields of, but not limited to:

  • Agriculture
  • Truck Drivers
  • Plant Operators
  • Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Labouring
  • Retail

We are also available to source personnel in other fields on request.

On-Hire staff are available to assist you when your staff are on sick leave, holidays, in training or for the busy times of the year.

SSS takes care of all the administration involved, letting you get on with business. The cost of SSS On-Hire personnel is charged to you at an hourly rate, which is based on the appropriate award, and is inclusive of workers compensation, superannuation and all associated administrative costs.

All that is required from you as an employer is our time sheet to be faxed to us on a weekly basis, we handle the rest.

Invoices are raised and mailed to you fortnightly detailing the full cost to you for your On-Hire staff member.

If you require more information, please contact our team for a consultation, our On-Hire Services Recruitment Officers will be more than happy to call to your work place and explain what we can offer you. Alternatively we can arrange a time to talk with us at your local SSS office. Phone (02) 6776 0105


Seasonal Worker Program offered Australia Wide

About the Program

This program is open to employers in the horticulture industry nationally and also includes a small scale trial in the accommodation, aquaculture, sugar cane and cotton industries in limited regions in Australia. The participating sectors in the program have long spoken of the difficulties of attracting and retaining reliable seasonal labour. Many businesses report that they experience high turnover, and therefore spend time and money constantly training workers. Others have difficulties finding enough workers for their peak seasons. The program gives businesses an option to access a reliable returning workforce year in and year out.

Seasonal workers can be recruited from East Timor, Kiribati, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

We are responsible for:

  • Guaranteeing seasonal workers a minimum amount of work
  • Arranging accommodation of a suitable standard, health insurance and transport to and from work for seasonal workers
  • Paying workers in accordance with the relevant award or industrial instrument
  • Paying the full cost of the workers’ international airfares to and from Australia upfront
  • Assisting workers with initial living expenses on arrival (if required)
  • Assisting workers with access to personal banking and other administration

How can organisations access seasonal workers?

To find out more about our seasonal workers program you can contact your local Jobs Australia Enterprises office on 1800 JOBS AUST (1800 562 728) or Seasonal Workers Program Coordinator, Lisa Morley, on 0427725787 for further information.

NCAP Logo without line (Hi Res)

New Careers For Aboriginal People

The New Careers for Aboriginal People (NCAP) Program assists Aboriginal people to access education and  training pathways that address their individual needs and enhance their prospects of gaining ongoing sustainable employment opportunities.

The objective of the NCAP Program is to increase the participation of Aboriginal people in the labour market, through identifying, creating and supporting sustainable education, training and employment opportunities at the local level. NCAP programs are staff by Aboriginal people who are in touch with the needs of the Aboriginal communities and have established networks with employers, business groups and training providers with in their local region.

NCAP deals with a range of stake holders:

  • Employers
  • jobactive providers
  • Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal community organisations
  • Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
  • Group Training Organisations (GTO)
  • Australian Apprenticeships Centres (AAC)
  • Government Agencies

Your Local NCAP employment advisor can help assist clients planning their future career options by looking at their needs and ambitions, and tailoring a career plan that specific to their skills and goals.

An NCAP Employment Advisor can assist Aboriginal people by:

  • Providing personal job search services
  • Assisting with resumes, job applications and interview preparations
  • Provide career planning advice
  • Provide training and skills development advice
  • Accessing employment networks
  • Providing job placement monitoring and mentoring
  • Job support and advice

The NCAP is a FREE program for Aboriginal people seeking employment and training advisory support services.


Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer

The AEDO program is staffed by Aboriginal People who have experience in small business operations and management. AEDOs are in touch with the needs of Aboriginal communities and work closely with local industry and local business development agencies.

When setting up a business, a number of factors have been considered

Insurances Business Planning
Business Name Business Structure
ABN Premises
Taxation Rules
Marketing Regulations
Promotions PAYG
Wages Accountants
Bookkeeping BAS
WorkCover Budgets
Cash Flow

The AEDO business advisory officer can provide advice, support and referral services on all these areas to ensure your business succeeds.




Community Based Organisation

Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd is a community based organisation managed by a volunteer Board formed from within our local community comprised of representatives from Armidale, and Uralla. Board members are from all facets of local business, of high academic standing and from similar organisations.

The Board oversees all activity of Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd and assists with policy development, provide a source of consultation and guidance for staff and monitor the progress of the business in terms of the Mission Statement, and budget analysis. The staff of Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd are equipped to carry out their duties within the guidelines set by the Board and the organisation’s mission statement.


To improve the quality of life of our communities by providing exceptional employment, training and community building initiatives


To be the most successful provider of employment related services in our communities through expansion, innovation and community focus

Our Philosophy

Jobs Australia Enterprises Ltd is dedicated to providing personalised services and programs that offer significant value to our clients who, like ourselves, possess an ardent desire for growth and success.

Partnering with our clients (both jobseekers and businesses) provides a solid foundation for achieving our long-term mutual goals.



Professional We will be professional in all of our dealings with all people
Ethical  We will at all times maintain ethical behaviour
Community Every decision we make is driven by our commitment to our communities and our focus on making our communities stronger
Innovative We will continually look for innovative solutions and reward innovation
Caring We genuinely care about our customers, our clients, our communities and all of our stakeholders
Diversity We value diversity in all ways – cultural diversity, business diversity, work diversity an people diversity
Personal At all times we will be approachable and accessible for our stakeholders
Local Are proudly local and we proudly serve our communities and our fantastic region
Work Together And we believe in working as a team, achieving our mission together